Pedregal Vineyard


Iron rich red soil, 85% basalt rock


Cabernet Sauvignon - Clone 7 on St. George and 110R rootstock, planted with 4'x8'spacing in 1990. Petit Verdot - Sterling selection on 110R rootstock, planted with 4'x6' spacing in 1993.


“Pedregal” means a rocky place in Spanish, and that is certainly a distinguishing feature of the site. This is a small, hillside vineyard on the lower slopes of eastern Oakville that's planted to 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Petit Verdot. During 2008 we agreed to a long-term lease of this vineyard which gives us complete control even through any change in ownership. That year, we began directly farming the vineyard. Our farming team, headed by Doug Hill, planted this vineyard in 1990 and has farmed it continuously since.