Charles Ranch Vineyard


Charles Ranch soil is Goldridge and Josephine (old clay soils, more clay); Goldridge comes from sandstone and Josephine is from shale. The soils are thin and well drained. Charles Ranch receives two times as much rain as vineyards in the Russian River Valley.


Mixed Old Wente clones on AXR rootstock.


This property has been in the Martinelli family since the 1800's. They homesteaded 640 acres, and from 1970-1981, it was a bison field with 6-8 bison roaming around the property. The family used a horse to move stakes to the field in small bundles, and in 1982, the vineyard was planted by George Hastings Charles (Lee Jr's maternal grandfather "PaPa"). Lee Jr. has managed the ranch since 1989. The vineyard is two ridges in from the ocean and it's remote location presents unique challenges. There are wild pigs that lift the fence allowing deer to enter the vineyard. The deer eat the shoots and can cause quite a lot of damanage to the vines, and occasionally, coyotes chew on the irrigation lines.


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