Spring in the Cellar, Spring 2013

– David Greene, Cellarmaster, March 2013

Although spring is in the air here in Sonoma County, there is always work to be done in our cellars. 

Our winter bottling finally finished a few weeks ago.  The cleanup seemed to take two more weeks.  Now our cellars and parking lots are finally back to normal.  Since then we have been doing a lot of top – stir – top on both whites and reds.  Still the only 2012 wine that has been sulfured is the base wine for the Claret.  The chards are quite active, and this Thursday and Friday we will be making the Sonoma Coast blend.  Next week we will be making the Russian River blend.  We have also racked the 2011 Pedregal, Annum, NVCS and Sonoma Coast Syrah off their lees as they will be bottled this summer.

Once the 2012 chard blends are made they usually finish malolactic fermentation shortly afterward at which time they will be sulfured.  The 2011 reds will soon be egg white fined.  These are just a couple of things we will be doing in the weeks/months ahead.