Summer in the Cellar, 2013

– David Greene, Cellarmaster, July 2013

With blending completed, bottling is on the horizon.

A lot of wine work has been done since the last update almost three months ago.  All the 2012 Chards have been blended, sulfured and topped a few times. 

The same goes for the 2012 reds.  We have made the blends for the 2012 Napa Valley Cab, the base blend of Annum, Claret  and the Sonoma Coast Syrah. 

The 2011 SVD Chards have been in tank and fined for a month.  They will be bottled the second week in July.  The 2011 reds have all been egg white fined and just this week they have been racked off of egg whites and are in tank awaiting bottling in August.