Ideas, insights and inspirations

As a respected member of the international wine community, David Ramey is frequently called upon to deliver talks, lead workshops, give interviews and write papers sharing his dynamic vision and innovative philosophy with winemakers and wine lovers around the world.

Here are select interviews and published papers.

Volatile Ester Hydrolysis or Formation during Storage of Model Solutions and Wines

Volatile esters are introduced into wine primarily by yeast during fermentation. Although small quantities of esters are present in grapes prior to fermentation, the amounts are negligible compared to those introduced enzymatically by the yeast.

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Effects of Skin Contact Temperature on Chardonnay Must and Wine Composition

Chardonnay grapes from a single vineyard block were held after crushing for 20 to 25 hours at four different temperatures between 9°C and 30°C, pressed, and vinified separately but identically.

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Low input winemaking—let nature do the work

Recent decades of new world winemaking have been informed by university research and directed toward making clean, sound wines with an emphasis on fruit flavours.

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