2012 Syrah, Rodgers Creek Vineyard, Sonoma Coast


The Corkscrewer Report


Johannes Marlena and Ryan Koczara


November 2015




From a vineyard in the Petaluma Gap, where some of the most interesting wines are being made in Sonoma County today due to terroir unlike the rest of Sonoma. Strong, cool winds and mineral-laden soils bring about very striking and fascinating character traits in this Northern Rhone-styled Syrah: a combination of dust, rustic tannins and overt flavors of black and blue fruit that are delivered with laser sharp focus and transparency. Paradoxically, the wine is both delicate and powerful. That’s what it is to be interesting—to be two contradictory things at once. Walter White, in Breaking Bad, is both brilliant scientist and megalomaniac. Tony Soprano is both family man and dispassionate killer of families. With all of its paradoxes, the Rodgers Creek Syrah is endlessly compelling.


2012 Syrah, Rodgers Creek Vineyard, Sonoma Coast