2013 Syrah, Rodgers Creek Vineyard, Sonoma Coast


Connoisseurs' Guide to California Wine


July 2016




Here is a dense, deeply filled young Syrah that fixes on wonderfully expressive, distinctively spicey varietal fruit that is enriched by a well-measured complement of sweet oak, and while a broud, big-bodied and decidedly muscular wine, it makes no concessions to gratuitous ripeness.  It is impeccably balanced in spite of its size and shows terrific energy and palatal length, and, even though fit with a full dose of tannin, it is in all ways an ageworthy working that is guaranteed to reward time in the cellar.  Set it aside for at least a half-dozen years and know that year good things await those with a patience to let it rest for another decade or more.


2013 Syrah, Rodgers Creek Vineyard, Sonoma Coast