Interview with Elin McCoy of Decanter (July 2018)

“With an early career influenced by some of the most respected names in the world of French wine, this classically minded innovator went on to become one of the key figures in wine in California. Elin McCoy meets the Ramey Cellars founder…”

Harvest 2017 (9/29/17)

Due to the recent cold front, we had a quiet couple of weeks in the cellar which allowed us to “catch up” and take care of topping all of the Russian River Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, and Rose. We also pressed all…

Harvest 2017 (9/14/14)

To date, we have brought in over half the fruit from Harvest 2017, 311 Tons. The fruit is lovely yet the crops are very low due to the rain we experienced during set last spring.   Interns: We have five…

Harvest 2016 Overview

Claire Ramey answers a few questions on the 2016 Harvest and how it compares to others.

Harvest 2016 update

This has been another good, solid yet not hectic week of harvest.  Since the weather has been mild overall (mid-80° with no extreme spikes), we haven’t had any pressure with picking decisions so the grapes have been trickling in at a manageable pace. “It’s been a very nice harvest,” said Lydia.

Life Between The Vines > Podcast #151- David Ramey, Claire Ramey and Lydia Cummins of Ramey Wine Cellars

Carl Tiedemann visits with David Ramey

Tiedemann on Wine | April 23, 2015

by Carl Tiedemann

“The time I spent with David Ramey was very enjoyable and informative. I came away with more wine knowledge and a sense of personal satisfaction.”

Carl with David Ramey in the Healdsburg, CA, tasting room at Ramey Wines.

Carl Tiedemann with David Ramey in the Healdsburg, CA, tasting room at Ramey Wines.

The American Heart Association’s Dallas Cô tes du Coeur Annual Fundraiser

With every sip of wine the guests at American Heart Association's Côtes du Coeur make their hearts a little stronger.


What’s Maggie Wining About at Ramey Wine Cellars?

Streamed live on Nov 17, 2014

*What's Maggie Wining About at Ramey Wine Cellars?*

“A Taste of Ramey Wine Cellars” by The Fermented Fruit

– Ryan O'Hara of visiting Ramey Wine Cellars on October 28, 2014

Here's his review of the experience and of our wine.

Summer in the Cellar, 2014

– David Greene, Cellarmaster, July 2014

Harvest 2014 is only a month away. We've been busy in the cellar preparing for the arrival of the grapes.

“Cooking with Class” in LaQunita, CA

– Paul Smith, Western Sales / Chef, March 27, 2013

On March 27th, Chef Paul lead 15 guys through a wine & food course featuring our wines at Cooking with Class in LaQuinta, CA.

Cellar Happenings, Spring 2014

– David Greene, Cellarmaster, March 2014

We have been busy in the cellar for the last few months.  Here is the latest.

Ramey Wine Cellars Dinner | Ryland Inn, Whitehouse Station NJ | Landmark Hospitality

– George Staikos, National Sales Manager, November 2013

Highlights from the special wine dinner at Ryland Inn featuring California wine maker, Ramey Wine Cellars.

Barrel Aging

– David Ramey, November 2013


Harvest 2013 Update

– David Greene, Cellarmaster, September 2013

Although harvest began in earnest on September 2nd, the crazy thing to me is harvesting Napa Valley Bordeaux varietals on September 12th! 

Summer in the Cellar, 2013

– David Greene, Cellarmaster, July 2013

With blending completed, bottling is on the horizon.

Two Types of Pairings: Match or Contrast

– George Staikos, National Sales Manager, June 2013

Two Types of Wine & Food Pairings: Match or Contrast

Planning for the future

– David Ramey, January 2013

We are now the proud owners of what has been known as Westside Farms; the sale closed two days after Christmas. 

Oak & Tannin

– David Ramey, May 2013

Most wine drinkers attribute too much tannic influence to oak.  In terms of oak lactones, vanilla and other aromatic components, oak is clearly evident when it’s overused. 

Spring in the Cellar, Spring 2013

– David Greene, Cellarmaster, March 2013

Although spring is in the air here in Sonoma County, there is always work to be done in our cellars.