Harvest 2016 update

This has been another good, solid yet not hectic week of harvest.  Since the weather has been mild overall (mid-80° with no extreme spikes), we haven’t had any pressure with picking decisions so the grapes have been trickling in at a manageable pace. “It’s been a very nice harvest,” said Lydia.

Overall, the fruit has tiny berries and tiny clusters with lots of concentration. Yields are bigger than 2015 yet not as big as ’12, ’13 or ’14. This seems to be a “more typical year”.

Pinks- Our second and final rosé lot arrives tomorrow.

Chardonnay- Dutton Mill Station fruit arrived today, and next Monday, Wednesday and Thursday we’re scheduled to receive the Charles Ranch Chardonnay. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be finished receiving Chardonnay by Thursday afternoon.

Reds- The reds are rolling in now so we have very few tanks available at 202. Fortunately, tomorrow the team will be filling 50 new French oak barrels with Cabernet from Pedregal, Shartsis and Casalina for this year’s barrel fermentation lots.

Today, we received Syrah from Westwood Vineyard.

The team’s beginning to taste the Pinot Noir that’s already been processed, and they’re excited about the quality. We’ve grown the RRV Pinot Noir program this year and will be blending the different vineyard sources that each have great flavor and concentration.