Harvest 2016 Overview

Claire Ramey answers a few questions on the 2016 Harvest and how it compares to others.

1) How was the harvest?

At Ramey, harvest started early (August 5, same as last vintage) due to early bud break. The weather was warm, not hot, perfect for ripening and leisurely picking decisions. A heat spike on September 18 accelerated ripening, causing us to bring in many vineyards at once. The result was beautiful fruit, justifying the long hours of labor in the cellar. The pace of harvest slowed down after that, wrapping up for us just before the first big rain on October 14.


2) What is the character of 2016 like?

Due in part to small-to-average yields, cluster and berry sizes were small and the fruit concentrated, with distinct varietal character.


3) Is it a small or big quantity?

Yields were a bit more generous than in 2015, though nowhere near the volume of 2012, ’13 or ’14. Overall, it was a modest to average year.


4) Are you happy with the quality? Would you call it poor, normal, good or outstanding?

True to the fruit, 2016 is proving to be a year of heightened varietal character and harmony. Tannin, acid and fruit are in perfect balance. We expect it to be a favored vintage at Ramey.


5) Is there a vintage you could compare 2016 to?

While 2016 has every promise of the excellence and elegance of the 2007s, so far it presents with extra depth of flavor.