Harvest 2013 Update

– David Greene, Cellarmaster, September 2013

Although harvest began in earnest on September 2nd, the crazy thing to me is harvesting Napa Valley Bordeaux varietals on September 12th! 

On August 22nd, we pressed Chardonnay from Woolsey Rd. and Hudson Vineyard, and then some Chardonnay from Hyde Vineyard a few days later.  And then on September 2nd, 25 tons of Ritchie Chardonnay arrived early in the morning, and since then, nothing has compared to the last three weeks of lots of lovely fruit arriving every morning. 

After this week the only Chardonnnay left is a Dutton vineyard and then a bunch of Chardonnay from Charles Ranch (on the Sonoma Coast). 

The wild thing about Harvest 2013 is that we began harvesting our Napa Valley Bordeaux varietals on September 12th.  Since then we have done probably close to 100 tons of red fruit, out of a projected 258 tons. 

It seems like the grapes might start to slow down a little, maybe. 

The fruit looks good. And our interns are great.