Cellar Happenings, Spring 2014

– David Greene, Cellarmaster, March 2014

We have been busy in the cellar for the last few months.  Here is the latest.

-This week we are pumping all the 2012 vineyard-designate Chardonnays into tank.  They will be cold stabilized and fined before being bottled in June.  You might have seen a picture of us moving a tank on Facebook.

-We have been making the 2013 Chardonnay blends.  The Russian River Valley blend is so large it takes four days to pump out and go back to barrels.  We still have to make the Platt Vineyard and Woolsey Road Vineyard blends.

-The 2013 Claret blend has been made and SO2'ed, actually that happened a while ago.  We have a 2013 Napa Valley Cabernet blend started as well.  Over the last month, we have also been racking and sulphuring many different red lots from the 2013 Harvest as they have finished malalactic fermentation (ML).  Some of the lots still haven’t finished ML.

-We have racked the 2012 reds off of their gross less.  Soon we will egg white fine them, and they too will be bottled in June with the exception of the 2012 Pedregal Vineyard and the 2012 Annum Cabernets.

-What we have probably been spending most of time doing is bottling!  We bottled the 2012 RRV and Sonoma Coast Chardonnays, 2012 Claret and (our first ever) 2012 Pinot Noir.  Almost 28,000 cases!

– DG