Carl Tiedemann visits with David Ramey

Tiedemann on Wine | April 23, 2015

by Carl Tiedemann

“The time I spent with David Ramey was very enjoyable and informative. I came away with more wine knowledge and a sense of personal satisfaction.”

Carl with David Ramey in the Healdsburg, CA, tasting room at Ramey Wines.

Carl Tiedemann with David Ramey in the Healdsburg, CA, tasting room at Ramey Wines.

“Today’s blog posting marks our 100th posting…a milestone here at Tiedemann On Wines. I gave a lot of consideration to what today’s topic should be and I also thought about the mission of Tiedemann On Wines: to educate and inform people on wine and the lifestyle that surrounds wine. I had already scheduled the David Ramey piece for this Thursday not remembering that it was our 100th posting…an anniversary of sorts. After considering a number of topics and thinking about our mission, I decided that the Ramey piece filled the bill. How better to fulfill our mission than to talk about my meeting with one of the icons of Napa Valley wine making and review some of his best wines?

“On the Tuesday morning (March 24, 2015) of my recent Napa Valley trip, I had the privilege of sitting down for a conversation and wine tasting with David Ramey of Ramey Wines. I believe it is a recognized fact that David Ramey is a member of an impressive and elite group of California winemakers. One only has to do a small amount of research or spend a few minutes talking with David to learn that he has had, and will continue to have, a huge impact on the world of wine making. To gain a better understanding of David’s history in wine making and the founding of Ramey Wines with his wife Carla in 1996 take a couple of minutes and watch David’s video highlighting his winemaking history:”

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