Antonio Galloni on Ramey Wine Cellars

“As always, my tasting with David Ramey covered a wide range of wines from both Sonoma and Napa counties. The 2014 Chardonnays are a bit more reticent than they usually are at this stage. I am not sure if the wines are going through a closed phase, or if the decision to pick a bit earlier than in the past has resulted in Chardonnays that are a bit shy in the early going. Regardless, in this tasting, the 2014 Chardonnays are a bit muted. The Cabernet and Cabernet-based wines are also quite strong, especially in 2014 a Napa Valley vintage I think will surprise a lot of people down the road. Most of the Syrahs I tasted had not been bottled, while the nascent Pinot program is a work in progress. In my view, those wines will never be as interesting as they could be with the existing fruit sources. Lastly, there will be no more wines from Platt, as Ramey, like all of his colleagues who were in that vineyard, have moved on.”

— Antonio Galloni, Vinous, March 2017

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